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About Us


We do because we care.

The story of CARE STUDIOS began when a couple of friends, Chelsy and Nina, shared a same dream of living in a greener environment. Having our experience of living in Paris for a few years has opened our eyes to the importance of living sustainably and its impacts on the environment. However, after working in the fashion industry, we discovered it has polluted too much. We ought to make a change and bring our fashion experiences together to create a more sustainable living.


Seeing many clothing brands in other countries have committed to being more sustainable, we would like to bring the same vision to Indonesia. Therefore, we created CARE STUDIOS, aiming to introduce sustainable and circular fashion to more people as we believe that the more people can contribute, the more good impacts will be made.


Each piece of CARE STUDIOS collection is designed thoughtfully and using only eco-friendly materials such as certified sustainable fabrics, deadstock fabrics, and repurposed textile waste to be upcycled and recycled. These are the start of our journey of contributing to a healthier planet.

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