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Our Fabric


TENCEL™ Lyocell

TENCEL™ is a brand name for lyocell and modal. It's made form dissolved wood pulp and sourced from certified sustainably grown wood. Save more water until 80% compared to cotton, use less toxic chemicals, and utilize no pesticides which makes it less harmful for the environment. Furthermore, this natural fabric is 50% more absorbent and more breathable than cotton.



Recycled fabric is a fabric that has been made from waste material, reprocessed into new fibers, new yarn, and new textile. The process itself requires high craftsmanship since it is produced handwoven. It helps reduce carbon footprints and also tons of textile waste end up in the landfill. 



Upcycling is a creative process where we repurpose the textile waste to a higher value, instead of going to the landfill. It is one of the most sustainable approach. Materials are reused in a new way, giving them a second life and function.

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