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Our Values and Sustainability

We’re here to bring sustainability closer to everyone

We take pride in responsibly reducing our eco-footprint with every step in the process.

We are not perfect, but we are continually working on ways to improve our impact on the planet.

All of our pieces are thoughtfully made and sustainably sourced.

We design it mindfully so people would realize that one long-lived garment is better than five low-quality garments.

What is our piece made of?

Eco-friendly Fabric

We use only low impact fabrics like TENCEL™ & FSC certified viscose which are responsibly sourced. It means that we save more energy and water, using less toxic-chemicals which make it biodegrade faster than synthetic fabric like polyester. Go visit our fabric page to know more.


Recycled Fabric

Using recycled fabric from textile waste is one of the ways we can lower the carbon impact of our pieces since it saves so much water. Moreover, by using recycled fabric we also reduce tons of textile waste in the landfill. It is one of our goals to make most of our collections from recycled fabric. 



We make an exclusive collection made from existing pieces. We go to a thrift shop, we curate some vintage pieces and repurpose to become a one-of-a-kind clothing. Upcycling is one of the most sustainable approaches in fashion because we are repurposing product waste into a higher value, giving a secondlife to them instead of going to the landfill.


Shell Buttons

We also pay attention to details, making sure that our pieces are responsibly crafted to be better for the environment. Avoiding zippers and elastics as much as we can and replacing them with shell buttons as they could break down easier than plastic buttons but still be durable. Good for us, good for the planet.

What about the packaging?

We meant it when we say we are responsibly reducing our carbon impact in every step. Not only the product itself but also the packaging that we are using.

Our hangtags are made from seed paper with spinach seed which can be planted at your own garden

Our Thank you card is made from recycled paper and undyed to biodegrade faster

We use eco-friendly corrugated box which uncolored to avoid any toxic ink

For keeping your product safe, we use cassava bag instead of plastic / polybag

Our Offset Emission

We are committed to give back to the planet what we have taken from. Therefore, we are collaborating with a non-profit organization to plant one tree for every purchase that you make with us. It is still a long journey, but we are on our way and we know that we can’t do this alone. Together, we could be part of the solution.

Our Waste Management

We believe that reducing waste is an important part of creating clothing responsibly. Within production, we collect the waste aka scraps of our material in the production process and give it to our partner to be used as a sofa filling material. Our goal is to be able to work toward zero waste.

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